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Does Your Dog Suffer from Muscular Pain?

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Dogs are active creatures by nature and don't always know their limitations! All that squirrel chasing or leaping in the air to catch a ball or even just jumping on and off the sofa puts extra strain on their muscles and joints and can even lead to painful injuries.

If your dog displays signs of pain or discomfort such as changes in their daily habits, if they start to walk differently or if they give a more obvious sign such as jumping or yelping when you touch them, you may want to explore Canine Massage.*

What is Galen Myotherapy?

Galen Canine Myotherapy © are leaders in the field of canine massage. Their highly-trained therapists uses palpation, posture analysis as well other specialised massage techniques in order to pinpoint and then treat possible muscular issues or injuries in dogs as well as the associated compensatory issues that may arise.

Through various massage techniques, myotherapy is able to manage a range of mobility issues in dogs. if a dog has poor mobility the muscular system will not be functioning as well as it should which in turn has detrimental effects on the other systems of the body. Therefore this therapy allows the muscular systems to function optimally which as a result, enhances the general well being of the dog, enabling them to live life to the full.

Is Canine Massage Suitable for my Dog?

Galen Myotherapy is suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes but, as with any other health concerns, should first be discussed with your vet. Once consent from your vet has been given, your Galen therapist will arrange an initial consultation and assess your dogs particular requirements.

Galen's unique, choice led treatment protocol encourages the process to be a positive one. As you can see, your dog will be treated at ground level, somewhere they feel comfortable. Your dog will not be put on a high table, with risk of falling and will not be restrained. Throughout the treatment, your dog is able to get up and walk away whenever they need to. Most will completely relax into it just like Theo here!

Find a Galen Myotherapist Near You

All Galen therapists undergo an extensive training programme and are fully insured and accredited to work with animals.

Our therapist is Lucy of Pawsitive Touch and we can't recommend her highly enough. Lucy really gets to know your dog and works with you to achieve the best results in a positive environment. You will always be present throughout all treatments.

Archie is always positively excited to see Lucy and she doesn't even need to bribe him with food!!

For more information about Lucy and to arrange a consultation, visit her website here.

For further information about Galen Myotherapy and to find your nearest therapist visit their website here.

*Canine massage is a complimentary therapy and should always be discussed with your vet prior to any treatments.


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