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Daphne is a three-and-a-half-year-old Chiweenie (dachshund/chihuahua cross) and she is one of our favourite little sausages!

She has a personality and sassy attitude that belies her petite size. Daphne is a part-time model and full-time diva, instantly recognisable by her signature flappers. You will find her strutting her stuff around West London with her human slaves following behind.

We asked Daphne about her London life:

What do you love about living in London

I like a lot of attention, so big city life is definitely for me. I enjoy the fact that London, for the most part, is so dog friendly and there is an active dog community for socialising, events and pawties.

We are very lucky to have lots of places we can go. What dog friendly places in your local area would you recommend?

My Humans like eating out so this is very important to us. Locally, we go to @queensheadw6 a lot in summer, because I love the secure garden and the entertainment (squirrels and cats visit!) – I kick off if we walk past and I’m not allowed to go in! We also like @ulilondon in Notting Hill and @havelocktavern for casual dining and @daphneslondon, @scottsmayfair @le_gavroche_restaurant for special occasions.

After all that dining, where do you like to go for walkies?

My nearest park is Holland Park, but I don’t go there anymore because I’m not allowed off the lead. For local walks, I go to Kensington Palace Gardens, Hyde Park and Chiswick House. I do like to mix things up because I enjoy new places, so @sulathecockapoo and I have been exploring Richmond (excellent deer poo rolling opportunities), Hampstead Heath and Queen’s Wood recently.

Ooh we’ve not been to Queen’s Wood, will have to try it! When it’s time for a break from the city, where do you like to go on holiday?

I go to Aldeburgh regularly, but my favourite place is Devon. We have a holiday home in Dartmouth and go at least twice a year. The Humans love the peace and quiet and the views. I love the beaches and the fact that I am welcome everywhere and I get lots of fuss and treats.

We know you had a bit of bad luck last year which means you have to be careful what you eat. Are you all ok now?

Yes in April 2018, I was hospitalised with haemorrhagic gastroenteritis, possibly due to my unhealthy relationship with pavement snacks (the downside of city life). Since that time, my tummy has been very sensitive. I have been fed @therockster every since and my condition has never been so good. Treat-wise, I like @thedoghouseuk Random Rewards and Bedtime Biscuits and have recently discovered @ancodogtreats, thanks to @sillytillypoodle. I do love Human food though, particularly chips and samwiches (which I have been known to steal).

You’re so cheeky! What else do you do to make them smile?

They are obsessed with me, but they most often smile when I am asleep, snoring like a pigeon.

We always love what you’re wearing, what’s your favourite outfit?

I am quite a fashionista and have a bigger wardrobe than either of my Humans. In spring, I’m all about my schexy demin jackets from @sassysquadapparel. In summer, I love bandanas, hats, sunglasses and funky collars from @collarofsweden. In autumn, I’m all about bowties. In winter, I adore cozy knits from @parklanepup, @mungoandmaud, @aurorapets and @willowswardrobeuk, snoods from @ellerybow and coats from @teddymaximus, @rockdog and @gingerted.

Wow! You must need a bigger wardrobe than mum! What are some of your favourite places to pose?

Mayfair and Chelsea are always beautiful and have excellent displays in the summer months, but Devon is truly special because the light is sublime and it’s easier to take pictures without hordes of people.

We love following your adventures on Instagram, who do you like to follow?

I like to keep up with the shenanigans of my closest furiends: @truffletheminidachshund, @pop_sausage, @ladybelleofberkeley and @hattiekin – I don’t see those girls enough. For aesthetics, @hej_alfie, @theotherfabfour, @super.cooper.of.the.cotswolds @griffin_gsp, @thelongshortstories, and for laughs, @athenanares and @fendi_gomboc. That said, I love all my furiends, but don’t have the time to list them all – soz.

What plans do you have for the rest of 2019.

We’re off to Devon in September, which I’m really looking forward to. I hope to do another modelling campaign for @teddymaximus and some events with my collective

To keep up with her adventures, follow Daphne @daphnethewondersossige

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