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Clutch Chicken

If you’re a fan of fried chicken then heaven awaits you in Hoxton. On a quiet street between Hackney Road and Columbia Road you will find a bright yellow but otherwise unassuming building and once you step through the doors you will be surprised and delighted by what Clutch Chicken has to offer.

From the outside you may not be impressed but trust us you will change your mind once inside. At the front of the restaurant is an open kitchen area with large tables and bench seating replete with padded velour cushions - no hard wooden seats here! The Victorian fireplace and stylish lighting give it a homely feel and there is plenty of natural light. If you want something more secluded, book a table in the bar which is behind the kitchen. In complete contrast to the main dining area this room has dark panelled walls, candlelight and green velour banquettes giving the feel of a private members club. There is a well stocked bar serving up a selection of cocktails, we can highly recommend the Prosecco Punch.

The star attraction though is obviously the chicken which is served in more ways than you could ever imagine. We went for brunch so had the Breakfast Burger and Fried Chicken and French Toast. The portion sizes are just right, not too much that you couldn’t fit in some homemade apple pie for dessert and the chicken is beautifully moist and tender, it practically melts in the mouth. There are healthier salad options and gluten free alternatives, but all the chicken comes from ethically sourced, free-range poultry farms and is fried in groundnut oil.

“Since we were founded in 2013, our ethos has been about making the most delectably, deliriously, delicious fried food imaginable in the healthiest way possible.”

Clutch Chicken’s location means you are unlikely to just stumble across the restaurant but it is well worth seeking out as they serve up some of the best chicken we ever tasted.

Here’s what Archie and Freddie have to say about Clutch Chicken:

We were made very welcome at Clutch Chicken, every member of staff greeted us and gave us a fuss. We sat in the bar area as we dogs need to be away from the open kitchen. It was very comfortable and spacious for us there and we were entertained by watching the barman create some fancy cocktails. We were happy to stick to water, which was brought for us immediately.

It was quiet when we arrived at 12.00 on a Saturday so we had plenty of opportunity to wander round and get some great photos. However, by the time we left, the restaurant was full so pick your times carefully if you don’t like too much noise and lots of people.

The humans were very happy here so we were happy to be with them. We only have one complaint, the chicken was so delicious they didn’t save any for us!!



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