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Claude is an adorable cuddly bear in the shape of a Golden Retriever who lives with Anita and Ian in North London. He is their 3rd Goldie so they knew what they were in for when they brought him home 8 years ago! Anita and Ian love the breed for their smiling faces and their amiable personality, which Claude has in buckets!

Claude has been a regular blood donor which is something most people aren’t even aware of. He has now stopped as he’s 8 but he was recently called upon to donate his poo, so they could take the good bacteria from it (who knew that was a thing?) which saved a young puppy’s life.

Unfortunately in April 2018 Claude had a couple of seizures and was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour (canine meningioma). He then had a month of radiotherapy to shrink it which was carried out daily. He is now on medication and CBD oil.

Claude doesn’t let any of this hold him back and started his Instagram page this year which has enabled him to meet lots of new friends and try some new experiences like taking part in the World Record Dog Sit attempt for the Lorraine show, which is where we met him.

We asked Claude about his London life:

What do you love about living in London?

London is really very dog friendly and there are so many parks and green spaces so wherever we are there’s always somewhere to stretch my legs. The best part for me is that people are often surprised to see me, as most of them are only used to seeing smaller dogs. I get lots of admiring glances and lots of attention which I love. Children particularly love me and want to cuddle me – I always oblige being a good natured soul.

We want to explore North London one day. What dog friendly places in your local area would you recommend?

We normally go to places where we can sit outside. Locally in Barnet we have Carluccios and Paninis in Hadley Wood which are good for coffee and breakfast and have outside seating. My human brother lives in Muswell Hill and there we head for Bobs café or North & Ten. We love Lemonia in Primrose Hill and The Spaniards on Hampstead Heath. However, we often head up to Chelsea as we love the Bluebird where there’s lots of space for me.

Bluebird is one of our favourites too. After your coffee and breakfast where do you like to go to for walkies?

As we live on the borders of North London and Hertfordshire we are surrounded by green areas. Hadley Woods is on my doorstep and is full of squirrels (still waiting to catch one!). Jacks Lake is also in the woods and you can walk from there towards Trent Park which has big open spaces. In Muswell Hill I normally go to Alexandra Palace where there is lots of stuff for humans as well. However, most of the time I walk very early in the morning on the golf course we back onto, luckily there is a public footpath right through the middle (I help keep the rabbits in their holes as they’re really destructive, so the green keepers all like me).

We will have to meet you for a walk one day and we can help you with the squirrel catching! When you want to escape the city for a bit, where do you like to go on holiday?

My favourite place is the Cotswolds where our favourite walk is up to Broadway Tower. So many different routes to get up there but they’re all through gated fields so I can run free. Lots of sheep, horses and cows on the way as well – I bark at the sheep but then I get told off! I love Daylesford in Kingham as it has the most amazing smells and I’m also allowed in The Old Spot for lunch.

Ooh we like the sound of that! Talking of lunch, what are your favourite things to eat?

That’s easy – everything!

My favourite human food has got to be roast chicken, beef, lamb or a bit of a burger. Oh, and sausages! Only problem is that the humans are mainly veggie which is proving a bit tricky for me. Only just discovered “Bybenji biltong” which I’m really enjoying – a boy’s got to have some beef.

We also hear that you like to fill your mouth with toys! What else do you do that makes your humans smile?

Just being me seems to be enough but some things make them smile a bit more – bringing a shoe every time they come in the front door, spitting my tablets out after I’ve eaten all the food they’ve hidden them in, rolling on my back for belly rubs anywhere I am. They don’t smile very much though when I run off after other dogs and squirrels – apparently I don’t listen!!

We love to follow your adventures on Instagram. Who do you like to follow?

I follow some great accounts but I’m a faithful type so my favourite ones are the ones who befriended me when I was starting and have continued encouraging me @daphnethewondersossige, @thedogvine, @twoterrierssocialclub and @clover_chowchow

And what are your favourite places for photos in London?

Most of my photos are in my home, garden and out on walks. But Chelsea is definitely a favourite as it is so pretty and I get so much attention. I recently did a photo walk there and will be posting some photos on my instagram page soon!

Do you have a favourite outfit to pose in?

I don’t have many outfits (yet) but the one I wear most and feel very proud in is my lifesaver bandana for being a blood donor. I’ve also just got a lead, collar and bowtie from “It’s All About a Dog” which I’m told I look very handsome in. Lots of space in my wardrobe for more outfits so need to get the humans shopping!

Well we know just the place!! Apart from launching your modelling career at our Chelsea Pop-Up Dog Market, what other plans do you have for the rest of 2019?

We’re planning a beach holiday, going on Goboat London on the Regents Canal (Kingston was awesome) and more doggie events. Getting the humans to keep up with my Instagram page better – need to spread the word about doggy blood donors and brain tumour treatment. Most important, however, is to have fun and keep well.

Follow Claude’s adventures on Instagram @the_life_of_claude or meet him in person at our Chelsea Pop-Up Dog Market where he will be taking on yet another new experience, modelling bandanas for The Distinguished Dog Company.

We are always looking to meet new friends. If you’d like to be featured on our blog please get in touch.

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