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Chunki is a 4 year old Frenchie who lives in Barnet with Sofia and her family.

Sofia was originally deciding between bringing home a pug or an English Bulldog when she discovered Frenchies and immediately fell in love.

This handsome hunk entertains his 17,000 Instagram followers daily with his attitude and his fashion sense.

We asked Chunki about his London life:

What do you love about living in London?

I get to meet so many people and everyone loves me (obvs). I really enjoy all the attention.

So where are your favourite local dog friendly places to go and meet these people?

My Mama loves to take me to The Rosewood, I get really spoilt there. They even let me sit on the seats so I get to keep an eye on everyone. I also like our local pub The Gate in Arkley.

Any places outside of London you like to visit?

We often go to see my mama’s friend in Cambridge and I spend time with my pal Banks @banksthewestie. I also recently went to a pool party in Coventry thrown by my buddy Barry @barry_the_puggy

We hear you enjoy your food. What are your favourite treats?

I do like to eat and I’m not at all fussy! But I really enjoy my Nutriment Raw Food every day and I also like cucumber and carrot - so quite healthy really:)

After your healthy snacks, where do you go to workout?

I am really lucky to have lots of green space nearby. I love to explore the woods and trails around my manor. I especially enjoy going past the local stables and saying hello to the horses.

What do you do while your humans are at work?

Again I’m really lucky that there is usually someone home with me. Which is great because I love humans.

How do you make your humans smile?

I like to let them know who’s boss and even though I don’t really bark, I let them know when I need something like a toy or my evening treat. If they ignore me I will literally turn my back on them and face the wall until they get the hint.

We love to follow you on Instagram to see what you’re going to wear next. What is your personal favourite fashion item?

Absolutely has to be my Pupreme hoodie by Pawmain Pets. Have you seen how good I look in that?

Who do you like to follow on Instagram?

I like to keep an eye on what my Frenchie pals are doing and I also love my sassy friends Lilly @little_lil_pug and Pops @pop_sausage.

What plans do you have for 2019?

Oh loads. This weekend we have been invited to stay at The Hoxton in Shoreditch.

Then in the summer my mama is planning a road trip with me to the Isle of Skye.

I’m also looking forward to going for a swim at Canine Aqua Splash.

We might also fit in a trip to Ireland to see my cousins Dylan the Cocker and Rocky the Springer.


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