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Charlie the Cesky

Charlie is a 10 year old Cesky Terrier who lives in Wapping with his human David. Charlie arrived in David’s life unexpectedly 9 years ago when he was the breeder passed away unexpectedly, leaving over a dozen dogs needing rehoming. This unfortunate start to life left Charlie a nervous wreck as it was a while before the dogs were discovered and some of siblings unfortunately didn’t survive. David had previously shared his home with Westie and Scotties but he took in Charlie on a temporary basis and has worked hard to rebuild his confidence. He can still be a little nervous outside but at home he is king of the castle. It’s safe to say that after 10 years, his temporary home is a little more permanent.

We asked Charlie about his London life:

What do you love about living in London?

Home is Wapping in London at the foot of Tower Bridge. It’s a quiet place, more like a village than part of Central London. I’m generally nervous so I like quiet places and my home is quiet. I live in a flat with big windows so I can watch my friends and people walk by and still feel safe.

Where do you go for walkies where you feel safe?

I love walking in the area around my home. I There are many little parks and a beautiful ornamental canal that runs through the area where I can wander safely off my lead without worrying about cars. know all the dogs in Wapping and their mummies and daddies know me. There’s always someone to say hello to when I’m out waking. Usually I see Binky, Rose, Alice, Yuki, Bertie, Kenzo, Cosmo and Biscuit when I’m out for a walk.

What places do you like to visit outside of London?

I love travelling to Derbyshire. We have a home in the Derbyshire Dales and there are plenty of open spaces for me to wander in. I love walking in the woods behind our house and walking through the fields nearby.

What dog friendly places in your local area would you recommend?

Most pubs and coffee shops in my area are dog friendly. I particularly like to go to the Turks Head or Cinnamon Coffee Shop in Wapping. All the staff make a fuss of me when I visit.

What do you do while your humans are at work?

I’m a lucky boy because my humans work from home. In the past I used to go with them to work. I’m not alone much so there’s always someone to cuddle up to or sit with.

How do you make your humans smile?

I love cuddling up to my humans in the evening. One at a time though. All attention has to be on me and they aren’t allowed to cuddle on their own. They smile about that a lot.

What is your favourite photo on Instagram?

There’s a photo of me and my girlfriend Jess, she’s a Westie. I love Westies!

Who else do you like to follow?

@twoterrierssocialclub and accounts that showcase sites in London, especially the ones near where I live- @tobaccodock, @stkatherinedocks, @wappingandtheworld

What are your favourite Instagrammable places in London?

Nothing beats Wapping and St Katherine Docks. It’s the prettiest place in London

What plans do you have for 2019?

My humans are very busy so I’ll just keep them company while they work. I’d like to socialise some more with other doggies. I know that my humans would love me to be a little more confident and outgoing.


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