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Celebrate the Power of the Plant

November may have been Vegan month but there is no reason not to carry on with a plant based diet all year. Especially when there are such fantastic vegan restaurants as Stem & Glory.

Our humans are flexitarians but they always say that plant-based food is some of the tastiest and that was certainly the case at Stem & Glory.

The food is packed full of flavour using ingredients such as kimchi, seaweed powder, and coconut yoghurt.

The dishes are also very visually stunning! (Just like us).

Four Legged Foodies are most welcome at Stem & Glory. The staff were so friendly and gave me and my pal Cedric much attention and cuddles.

The restaurant is in a quiet, traffic free location with a few outdoor tables so is a great place for pooches who prefer more space.

Even if you are a devout carnivore, we highly recommend a visit to Stem & Glory. You will be surprised at how much you can enjoy a meal without meat!

Like our humans, we also enjoy a flexitarian diet and when we have a plant-based day, we enjoy Hownd Superfood.

The food comes in 3 fabulous flavours using ingredients such as pumpkin, blueberry, and papaya.

Hownd Superfood can be fed as a stand alone diet or mixed with meat based foods. They also do dry food and tasty treats. Follow this link to get 50% off.

I just need to work out how to open the tins myself!

Nacho x

In this blog I am wearing collar and lead set by Westley Pets.


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