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Call It Puppy Love Party at M Victoria

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Freddie and I are big fans of M Restaurants, this party in February was the second one we attended at the Victoria Restaurant and we also held our Hallowe’en Doggy Brunch at their Twickenham Restaurant last year.

M Victoria hold regular dog events throughout the year and this one was to celebrate how much the humans love us!

The events are always very busy and it can get quite loud so maybe not a good choice for the more nervous doggies. Not something Freddie and I suffer from so we just got stuck in and said hello to everyone. Although we would have preferred it if the music hadn’t been so loud.

As well as plenty of opportunity to socialise, there are also activities such as doggy speed dating and a dancing competition. My personal favourite is the cookery masterclass where the chefs show the humans how to recreate the black pudding granola and bone marrow risotto at home. These dishes are served as part of our very own 4 legged menu, along with Pawsecco (or just good old water if you prefer). The humans complained that we got more food than them! We couldn’t see the problem with that!

There is a special 2 legged menu with bottomless bubbles for the humans but they can also order a la carte.

Humans can dine with us doggies at M Victoria every Saturday between 11.00-3.00 but we recommend you try one of their special events to get the full experience.

I give M Restaurants 4 paws (just please turn the music down a bit - it hurts our ears).

I’m still waiting for her to make that bone marrow risotto for me 😠

Archie 🐾🐾

P.s this is how I rate dog friendly places

1 paw - not really dog friendly, more dog tolerant!

2 paws - worth a visit if you are in the area

3 paws - very dog friendly, worth going a little bit out of your way

4 paws - super dog friendly (e.g have dog menu) worth a special trip


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