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ByBenji Biltong gets your Tastebuds in a Spin

ByBenji were one of the fabulous pet businesses at our first ever Doggie Market in July 2019 and it's safe to say they were one of the most popular stands of the day with the dogs!

Archie was addicted from the moment the first packet was opened. Now you can also join him and the loyal pack of Biltongeers as they will be back at Four Legged Foodie Fest.

Roz took the South African human superfood and turned it into a premium dog treat made from the highest quality, human grade ingredients

Silverside of Beef is the protein of choice, mixed with their own herb based marinating secret recipe. It is even unique in the way it's produced - a blend of time, wind and warmth. This is a high value reward treat that really gets those noses in a spin.

Now you can try them for yourself at Four Legged Foodie Fest!

"We strived to produce and pioneer a unique product that would be desired by both trainers and also the luxury treat market alike! The proof was in the dog reactions!"


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