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Updated: Jul 21, 2019

Businka is a rescue dog from Kazakhstan who is now 3 years old and lives in Didcot with Yana and Henry. Businka was found by the Second Like Foundation when she was around 4 months old. She had been so badly beaten that nobody believed she would survive but Yana took her home and with lots of love and some intensive therapy at an animal hospital, she recovered from her terrible injuries. She also stole Yana and Henry’s hearts so much so that they decided to bring her with them when they emigrated to the UK

Businka continues to grow in confidence through Yana’s love and attention and she is learning to trust other people again. She is also about to welcome 2 more rescue puppy sisters into her home so we look forward to meeting them too.

Although she lives in Didcot, Businka spends a lot of time in London so we asked her about her life here.

What do you love about London?

By living near London I feel like I won the most precious lottery! Most of all I love people, they are so friendly to dogs and finally I stopped to be afraid of people! In addition, it is a very green city. I absolutely love all the beautiful parks for long walks. In addition, I love to discover dog friendly places and attend as many dog events as possible with mum and daddy, London is the best place to provide us with this possibility.

We are so lucky to have so many dog friendly places here. What dog friendly places do you love to visit?

We always try to explore new dog friendly places, so far I really like romantic Saint Aymes and fabulous Bluebird.

Bluebird is a firm favourite with London doggies. While your humans are enjoying their lunch, what do you like to eat?

I eat Different Dog currently and I really enjoy it. My absolute favourite treats are ByBenji and I love pigs in blankets as a special treat.

After all those treats, where do you like to go for walkies?

My favourite are Regents Park and Hyde Park, these two places we visit most often, but I love to discover new parks each weekend.

Keep us posted on any great parks you discover as we are always looking for new adventures. Have you visited anywhere else in the UK?

I haven’t been on many holidays in the UK yet, as this summer our family grew with the addition of my new two sisters and they are still too young for long adventures, but next year we plan to go to Cornwall because mum loves this area. In addition, we enjoyed a long weekend in Henley on Themes, Bath and the Cotswolds.

You are a bit of a fashionista. What is your favourite outfit?

Ooo, one of my favourite topics, as I love fashion and clothes. I love to wear romantic dresses. Usually I wear knitted dresses in winter and I like leather and jean jackets in a rock style. I have many accessories like bandanas, hair decorations and different collars and I like to change it every day.

What things do you do that make your human smile. I am very lucky that parents love me very much and just my presence itself makes them happy and smile. Mum is always laughing when she unexpectedly finds some of my treats or daddy’s sock in her handbag. My treasures must be in a safe place!

Also my parents adore cuddling moments which we have a lot, when I give them the possibility to rub my belly and make such a cute face that they can’t resist but adore me even more!

We love to follow your adventures on Instagram. Who do you like to follow?

I opened my Instagram to show to the world that rescue dogs also can be lovely, cute and full of love. I love to follow other rescue dogs, some of them have absolutely incredible inspiring stories like @barriespaws @chineserescueprince @lunazorrolife, @cavdashians. In addition, I love to follow profiles where I can get information about dog events like @twoterriessocialclub @thedogvine

I love to follow accounts with dogs fashion like @missteddyuk, I am always happy to get new furry friends, and mum is happy to make new acquaintances and friendships with other fur parents.

What are your favourite Instagrammable places?

Regents Park, Chelsea and Blenheim Palace are all really pretty, just like me! What plans do you have for the rest of 2019

I would love to discover more dog-friendly places in the UK, if possible, I would be happy to take part in events or actions to promote rescue dogs, I will be happy to take part in fashion events and to make new furry friends.

Follow Businka @rioribusinka or come along to our Chelsea Pop-Up Dog Market and meet her in person.


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