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Bug Bakes

Those who know me are aware that I will pretty much eat anything. But when the human said I had been sent some treats to try that were made from insects, I thought she’d gone mad. Usually she tells me off when I try to catch flies but apparently these are made from crickets and they are the future.

Many of our humans are worried about the future of our planet and are constantly looking for ways they can make a difference. The use of insects as a food source is one way they can do that.

“Crickets are a great source of complete, hypoallergenic animal protein for your dog. On top of this, they are one of the most sustainably farmed protein sources on the planet.”

Bug Bakes are the UK’s first dog treats made with sustainable insect protein. The treats are small so perfect for training or to take on walkies and at only 3 calories each I can have a few and still have room for my dinner! So she hadn’t gone mad after all!

If you care about the planet as much as we do, give these tasty treats a try - even their packaging is eco-friendly. You can buy them online or sign up to their subscription service.

By the way I’m still trying to catch my first fly 😜




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