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Brewbix - Making it Easy to be Good

If you are a believer in waste not, want not then you will love the concept behind Brewbix as they make treats from craft brewery leftovers!

During the brewing process grain and yeast is spent and this would usually be discarded but Brewbix use it to hand bake tasty, healthy treats for good doggies. (That's all of us by the way).

The biscuits also contain leftover brewers yeast which is great for a healthy skin and coat.

Brewbix biscuits are made from the grain used by South East London craft brewery Villages and each pack states which beer was used so you can match the beer to the biscuits and anjoy along woth your dog!

If you are looking for a tasty treat whilst also doing your bit for the planet, visit them on Treat Street at the Four Legged Foodie Fest. They will also be bringing Villages beer for the humans to take home.

Brewbix side-kick Broo will be making a guest appearance too. We want to see your dogs in a photo with him.


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