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Betsy is a 9 year old Bichon cross who lives in South East London with Eve.

"Betsy was bred by my cousin and she was my favourite from the litter, she was a proper little chunky monkey! My cousin still has Betsy’s biological mum, Annie and her dad, Zebedee! Zebedee is a toy poodle and Annie is half bichon, half maltese. My auntie also kept a pup, so Betsy regularly sees her sister, Rosie. All four of them still see each other at family parties and Christmas and go crazy when they see each other, I’m certain that they know they’re family! 😊"

Betsy is a regular guest at our events and we have become firm friends. Archie recently joined her for a walk in Greenwich Park followed by dinner at The Richard 1st pub and we found out more about her London life.

What do you love most about living in London?

It is very dog furiendly, most places allow little me in, even some of the big department stores! This is great for my Mamma, cos she loves to shop, almost as much as she loves going to the pub! Everypawdy is so furiendly, they always smile at me, especially when we’re on the train or tube!

Thank you for showing us around Greenwich Park, it is now one of our favourites.

Yes I love Greenwich Park, I get supaw excited when my Mamma takes me there! It’s so big and has lots of squirrels!! As we don’t go every week, it’s a real treat when we do go! Mamma used to avoid it in the summer when I was a lil’ pup cos I would raid picnics, just like my furiend Daphne does now!! 😂

Archie can teach you a thing or two about picnic raiding!! What food would you steal first?

Chicken! I’m all about the chicken! Oh and sausages, I LOVE sausages!

We enjoyed our dinner at The Richard 1st, where else would you recommend we visit in Greenwich?

There are loads of dog friendly pubs around here. I like The Greenwich Tavern and the Cafe at the Maritime Museum is also dog friendly.

Where do you like to go outside of London?

I love going to Foots Cray Meadows / Five Arches that place is magical and I love going swimming! It comes under Kent, but it’s so close to home that it’s practically London! I also love going to visit Auntie Linda and my sister Rosie and Jack, they live in Chertsey, it’s right by the river and it’s so pretty.

What things do you do that make your humans smile?

The new thing I’ve recently started doing is chasing flies! My Mamma really laughs out loud when I do this, she says my alien face is in full force! She freaks out a bit when it’s a bee or a wasp tho! Hoomums are weird!

We love to see what you will be wearing each time we meet. What is your favourite outfit?

I absolutely hate clothes with a passion, but that doesn’t stop my Mamma from dressing me up! If I had to pick, it would be a hoodie or one of my denim jackets (I’ve got lots of those!), I’m a tom boy at heart, I can just “Princess” very well! 😉

@betsy_boo_london is on of our favourites to follow. Who do you like to follow on Instagram?

What plans do you have for 2019?

Eat, sleep, pawty, repeat! I will be at The Two Terriers Social Club End of Summer Party on 29th September so come and say hello.

Come and join Betsy at the End of Summer Party, get your tickets here...


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