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Barrie didn’t have the best start to life. She was born in Syria in 2018 and was discovered in a collapsed building by Sean Laidlaw. Sean was working as a bomb disposal expert and heard a noise like a child crying. The noise turned out to be a little pup, who turned out to be Barrie. Unfortunately, her mum and siblings didn’t make it but Barrie was taken back to the camp in Raqqua, where Sean continued to feed her and gain her trust until she was strong enough to come home with him and join his family in Essex.

Barrie (who was named before Sean realised she was a girl) now lives her best life with Sean and Netty.

We asked Barrie about her London life:

What do you love about living in London?

I love that in London dogs are equally important as humans! I’ve been to dog cafes, dog restaurants, dog events. I also hosted the first Doggie Bootcamp at the end of March.

There is always something going on where we can spend some quality “dog and human” time and London is so easy for us to travel around; people usually smile when they see me on a tube or bus and ask for cuddles.

When you’re not on public transport where do you like to go for a walk?

There are so many beautiful places in Essex to walk. Most weekends you will find me in either Hornchurch Country Park or Belarus Woods. If I arrange to meet friends in London it will usually be Victoria Park – as it’s not as busy as other London parks. When you’re famous, like me, you can get mobbed by tourists. I wouldn’t mind but they don’t even have treats!!

What dog friendly places in your local area would you recommend?

We are absolute Brewdog believers and that’s where we spend most weekends. Beer and wings, this is how we roll! I always feel very welcomed there by their staff and other people. It’s always great to find places that will accommodate big dogs like me.

And when you’re not partying or appearing on TV what other places do you like to visit?

We often visit Leigh on Sea and Westcliff areas for a walk on the beach. I love to get in water - preferably the muddy variety! Then we go for lunch at The Peterboat in Leigh on Sea.

What things do you do that make your humans smile?

What do I do to make them smile? I exist… ;-)

Sean says I’m a full-time attention seeker and will do anything to get his attention – from rolling on my back and playing dead or just looking stupid to digging holes in the garden big enough to fit a bucket. Even when I’m being naughty they still smile.

Sounds like you really got lucky with these humans. What do you do when they are at work?

While humans are at work I stay in Doggy Day Care in Orsett – Barehams Kennels. Where I play with my furry friends, rolling in mud or having fun in agility section. Or I nap… ALL DAY! I love going there and the staff love me too.

Some days I just chill at home with my grandparents and my little big brother Cookie.

What are your favourite foods/treats?

My absolute favourite is CHEESE! I could definitely never be a vegan as I love meat too much. The garden is full of half eaten bones.

However, I’m not a fan of peanut butter and doggie doughnuts.

We are eagerly awaiting your forthcoming book. Can you tell us how you came to write it?

Sean always joked that one day he would write a book. Then after our story went viral in the UK and we’d appeared on a few morning shows and the news, he was approached by Hodder and Stoughton publishers asking if he would like to write a story about me.

We arranged a meeting and far from being a little office somewhere in London’s suburbs with small group of crazy dog loving book writers, it actually happened to be one of the biggest publishers in London with offices in Embankment, with their very own rooftop garden!

We love to see what you’ve been up to on Instagram. Who do you like to follow?

I have got loads of doggie friends I follow, mostly other London pooches – they always know what to wear and what to do in London ;-) I also like to follow small, local businesses and try to help them as much as we can.

What plans do you have for 2019?

2019 has been very busy year for us so far and with the book coming out in July it looks set to get even busier! There are many events we’ve been invited to.

We are all excited for few of upcoming Dog Festivals – DogFest and Dogstival.

I will also be walking red carpet on All About Dogs shows!

You can read my full story in our book “Barrie” by Sean Laidlaw coming out summer this year!

Pre-order your copy here


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