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Bare Bubbles

My humans were recently sent these Bare Bubbles soaps to try.

Now, obviously I’m a dog so I’m not that fond of baths but the humans like me to smell good especially before one of my parties. So this treat was more for me than them.

So before I hosted our latest event, I was lured into the bathroom and before I knew it I was soaped up. She even had the cheek this time to make me pose for photos - as if this process isn’t humiliating enough.

Bare bubbles soaps are natural and handmade and come in 5 varieties:

Calming, Freshening, Flea Repelling, Healing and Bare Naked - each one with its own fragrance.

“Bare Bubbles range of lovingly handcrafted soaps for dogs contain all natural ingredients, no parabens, no sulfates, no palm oil and comes packaged plastic free.”

She used the Freshening one on me because I was a bit stinky (her words not mine). She said she really liked the smell of the soap (personally I preferred how I smelt before) and she really loved the natural ingredients.

Afterwards she let me dry in my dressing gown because I don’t like hairdryers and then once I was dry, I had a brush and she said I was looking super smart. She spent the rest of the day cuddling me and saying how good I smelt - so I guess it was all worth it after all.

You can buy the soaps direct from



P.s all the doggies who came to our Dogs In The City Brunch received a soap in their goodie bags. We would love to know what they thought of them too.


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