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Apres Christmas Dog Party - Winterland Fulham

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

On a cold Saturday morning in January, 26 doggies asked their humans to bring them along to our Apres Christmas Dog Party at Winterland London. While the humans munched on pizza and drank warm apple cocktails, we doggies got to know each other. I made lots of new friends from little Cedric the Pomeranian to Zeus the Malamute.

The humans listened to some people talk to them about what we should eat (thanks Cam from @rundoguk), how to look after our muscles (thanks Lucy from @pawsitivemyotherapy) and Michelle from DOTS London told us how they help take care of dogs who live on the streets.

Winterland is a great place for us doggies as there is plenty of space for us and even an outside area for us to take a break. We were all really well behaved so hopefully they will let us come back for more parties in future. I look forward to trying their beach in the summer!! If you’d like to visit yourself in the meantime their website is

All my doggie friends enjoyed lots of treats and took away goodie bags to enjoy more later at home. Many thanks to our event sponsors.

As usual the humans took lots of photos of us (we should start charging for this my friends) so you can see for yourselves how much fun we had. For those who couldn’t make it we look forward to seeing you at our next event.

Archie and Fred 🐾🐾


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