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After Work Drinks - June 26th at The Refinery, Regents Place

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

June 26th 2020 is Bring Your Dog to Work Day so let's celebrate by doing what the humans like to do after a hard day at the office - go the PUB!!


So whether you spend the day in an office or a shop or maybe even sat in the passenger seat of a delivery van you will deserve a treat after putting in a good eight hours of keeping the humans entertained.

Come and join us at The Refinery in Regents Place on Friday June 26th from 18.00 (until as late as you're allowed to stay out).

Drake and Morgan bars are super dog friendly and they are very excited to be part of Bring Your Dog to Work Day 2020.

They have an excellent choice of drinks for the humans, including cocktails and lots of delicious food on the menu.

We have our own reserved area on the covered terrace for the evening, where we can party the night away and watch the midsummer sun go down!

This is free event and numbers are limited so be sure to reserve your place ASAP to avoid disappointment - and there's NOTHING worse than a disappointed dog!

Reserve your place here...


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