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A Treat Beyond All Expectations

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Dog Afternoon Tea at Jack & Beyond, Fulham

Afternoon Tea is a special treat that our humans like to have when their yearning for sweet things needs to be satisfied. We have been along to a few with them but usually we have to take our own treats while they scoff down all the scones.

But not so at Jack & Beyond in Fulham! Here, we get our very own selection of treats, all baked fresh on the premises.

We started with a puppuccino then tucked into liver and lamb stew followed by peanut butter biscuit, carrot pupcake and banana and peanut butter wuffin.

Obviously we couldn't let the humans starve so we let them have their own Afternoon Tea too.

All the delicious cakes at Jack & Beyond are baked fresh on site every day. The humans went very quiet for a while so we assume they enjoyed it!

The pretty café is quite small with only 4 or 5 tables but we pooches are welcome to sit on the seats to avoid being stepped on.

You can also take home cakes for anyone who had to stay behind and work (sorry male human) and you can order special cakes for birthdays, anniversaries or just because you deserve it!

We highly recommend our pals try out the Dog Afternoon Tea and if you do, please be sure to tag us @the4leggedfoodies so we can share your images.


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