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A Treat Awaits you at LMH Townhouse

We have always said that there are dog friendly places and then there are CRAZY dog friendly places. Love My Human Townhouse is most definitely the latter. And we don't mean only crazy dogs are allowed, we mean they go above and beyond when it comes to our four legged foodies.

This is what we are talking about!! Never mind what the humans are having, we have our very own extensive menu at LMH Townhouse and everything is carefully selected by nutritionist Anna Webb and presented in pretty bowls.

We couldn't choose between the meatballs, burger and salmon so we ordered all 3! Then finished off with a puppuccino.

Don't worry humans, you won't be left out as there is also a fabulous menu for you too!

We went along for brunch and the humans happily tucked into eggs benedict and a delicious healthy juice.

You can help yourself to a comfy bed on your way in and there's also a great selection of treats in the store - and even more at the Love My Human just up the road.

It's a great place to meet some friends for lunch. We took our friend Cedric with us to help eat all that food (not that we needed any help really). You can even treat yourself to a spa day as the upper floors house day care and a wellness centre where you can get nutrition advice, massages and even acupuncture!

If you like what you see, why not come along to our Howlowe'en Tea on October 29th and try LMH Townhouse for yourself.

You can get your tickets here...


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