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A string of places to celebrate UK Sausage Week

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Archie's favourite week of the year is when we celebrate the great British Banger! Here are 5 great places to get your sausage fix.

Heaps Sausages, Greenwich

We obviously had to have this place on the list. The cafe has so many sausage dishes on the menu we don't know where to start. Then afterwards pop into the shop to get more to take home.

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Shake Shack, Covent Graden

Ok we know they are more famous for burgers but they do amazing hot dogs too, try the Shack Meister Sausage! We doggies also get our very own menu.

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Richard 1st, Greenwich

A great pub near Greenwich Park where you can enjoy good old sausage and mash or a sharing board with salami and chorizo.

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Tell Your Friends, Parsons Green

We don't want the vegans to miss out on this week so head to this fabulous vegan bar and kitchen and try their Hungover Muffin. Even Archie couldn't tell it wasn't meat!

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Paws For Coffee, Hampton Hill

A definite must visit cafe for all London doggies. We have our own menu which guessed it, SAUAGES!!

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