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Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Zeus is a 2 Year old Alaskan Malamute who started life in Vietnam. Christina saw him as a puppy with a guy on the back of a motorbike. He had no history or papers and the guy wouldn’t tell her anything about him. Christina wasn’t really planning to get a dog but she had to get him out of there. She had no idea what she was letting herself in for but she brought him home and learnt to deal with this notoriously stubborn breed.

Zeus now lives on the Waterloo area with Christina and despite his size, he goes everywhere with her including to her office every day. Christina has obviously worked really hard on his training as he is one of the most laid back dogs we met and extremely sociable.

We asked Zeus about his life in London with Christina...

Zeus, what do you love about living in London?

All the dog friendly events we have! I get to meet loads of doggy friends and eat in some pretty amazing restaurants. Highlight has definitely got to be going to the cinema with my mama!

We hear you love to meet other doggies, where do you go for walkies?

Our local Imperial war museum park is our fave place! We're a regular there and there's a whole community of super friendly doggies and owners for me to play with. It’s gated so mama feels confident I won't go chasing squirrels and never come back.

We love to chase squirrels too! Do you ever go outside London to look for them?

I love Scotland! The weather is perfect for fluffy doggos like me. Mountains to climb, parks to explore. There’s tons of space for me to live my best life.

We are so lucky to have great places we can go in London. What local dog friendly places do you recommend we should try?

Mercato Metropolitano is a fave of ours. Big enough to accommodate larger doggies and plenty of food to choose from!

And what food would you choose if you could have anything?

I'm a sucker for chicken nuggets...

Like Archie, you are lucky to get to spend your days with your mama. What do you do in the office?

Yes I’m so lucky! I spend most of the day playing with the other office dogs, napping under her desk or attending meetings! Being Chief of Barketing is a big responsibility!

Freddie and I love to do silly things to make our humans smile, how about you?

Oh yeah! I like to make myself at home wherever I am. I'll lie down with my belly up no matter what the occasion. Always ready for those belly rubs! Busy tube? No probs. Important meeting? Belly up!

You are very photogenic, is that why you started an Instagram page?

My crazy momanger started it. She needed a place to post all of my photos since it was starting to clog up her FB feed. She's a little bit obsessed!

Whose Instagram pages do you enjoy following?

There are definitely too many to count! @Adventureswithbear, @Cedric.the.pomeranian are some super cute fluffers that I love. Repping the big dogs in London @wolfdogoflondon is another gem.

What plans do you have for 2019?

I'll be exploring more of London and hopefully we'll be doing a road trip to France too. I gotta taste some of that French cheese people keep telling me about!

Follow Zeus @london_malamute to see what his next adventure will be or come and

meet him at one of our events.


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