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Eny is a 3 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi who lives in Wimbledon with Anna. Anna fell in love with the breed many years ago and after much research and discussions she eventually met with a breeder and welcomed Eny into her home 7 months later. Eny was born in Moscow but moved to London with Anna about 2 years ago. She is Anna’s first dog and her lovely personality brings absolute happiness to her life.

Eny what do you love about living in London?

Almost everything! We love how dog friendly it is as we usually try to go out together, we love how many parks are around and how many events always go on, so you can never get bored

How does it compare to living in Moscow?

I have a much bigger social life here as London feels to us a very dog friendly city! And although Moscow becomes more and more dog friendly now, there are still not many places where you would be so much welcomed with your dog.

What places give you the best welcome where you live?

We live in Wimbledon and it is very dog friendly! All pubs allow dogs and cafes would usually have tables outside so I can have a lunch with Anna (not all of them allow dogs inside). Our favourite is where we love having breakfast together at the weekends from time to time.

And after breakfast where do you like to go for walkies?

Richmond Park! That could be a whole day of adventures when you’re there, and I return home exhausted and happy.

Are there any places you like to visit outside of London?

We absolutely love travelling around UK and our most favourite places to go are national parks! We do not travel that often unfortunately, but the last one we’ve visited was the Lake District during Christmas break - I love hiking, it is so entertaining for me with all the different landscapes and trails.

What do you do while your humans are at work?

I go to daycare, so have lots of fun while my human is away. And then I just sleep until my human comes home - sometimes I am so tired I am too lazy to meet her😁

What do you do that makes your humans smile?

Almost everything- don’t need to put any extra effort for it!

I bet you get lots of treats for that. What is your favourite?

Cheese! And mango (surprisingly!)

We love to follow you on Instagram as you are so pretty. Whose Instagram page do you most enjoy following?

I can’t pick just one! There are so many adorable doggies there I keep increasing the number of accounts I follow!

What are your plans for 2019?

Eat more, play more and hopefully travel more with my humans! Oh, and bark less (my New Year’s resolution) - and we all know it’s not going to happen 😁


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