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5 Places to refuel after a walk in Battersea Park

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Battersea Park is one of my favourite places in London to walk because it has something for everyone. There is plenty of water for swimming, big open spaces as well as ornamental gardens and some lovely picnic spots. It has it's own dog friendly cafe and also leads directly onto the Power Station development which is packed with fabulous dog friendly restaurants.

Here are 5 of my favourite places to visit before or after your walk.


London House

Apparently Gordon Ramsay is a chef who is on TV a lot and likes to swear! Well I don't know about that but I do know he has some great pubs and restaurants in London where we doggies are welcome.

Visit London House after a walk in the park or just get your driver to take you.

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Pear Tree Cafe

If you're in the park then you just have to go to the Pear Tree Cafe.

If the humans take too long to drink their coffee, you can entertain yourself by watching the ducks on the nearby pond.

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Who doesn't love pizza? Well if you don't then don't worry you can also get pasta at this Italian restaurant on the Power Station development.

Try their weekend soul brunch.

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Le Pot Lyonnais

If you can't function until you've had your first cup of coffee then this French bistro and bar is a great place to get coffee and croissants before your walk or a delicious lunch afterwards.

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Vagabond Wines

If your humans are like mine then this stuff makes them very happy.

Stroll through the park to the Power Station development and see them smile when you show them this bar, restaurant and urban winery.

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