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Diet? What Diet?

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

The Four Legged Foodies try out the new 3 course doggy menu at The Marlborough in Richmond

The Marlborough is a Young's pub on Richmond Hill which is quite local to us so we have been a few times before.
When we heard they had launched a doggy menu we ran back up that hill with our tails a wagging!

Pooches of all sizes are very welcome throughout the pub but if weather permits you must check out the back garden.

The outdoor space is huge and has a mixture of pagodas, parasols, garden rooms and (at time of writing) a beach with deckchairs.

Indoors has excellent air conditioning for these hot summer days!

Two legged foodies can expect a menu with some classic pub dishes such as burgers and fish and chips but there are some seasonal additions such as this vegan pea and braised leek tart.

Now let's get to the reason we are all here, the 3 course doggy menu!

Once the humans stopped stuffing their faces we were able to get to the main event!

The friendly waiter brought us the first 2 courses in these stylish bowls (why should it just be humans who have well presented food?). Starter was lamb kidney bread, followed by beef stew complete with a Bonio spoon!

All our food was prepared by the same chef as the human's using fresh, healthy ingredients.

See the videos below for how much we enjoyed it all.

Nacho forgot his napkin!

We don't need to diet to be beach body ready! We decided to retire to the deckchairs for our ice cream made from yogurt, strawberries and banana.

Nearby there is an hydration station with fresh water and bowls for us.

We highly recommend all pups try the doggy menu at The Marlborough.

The pub has doggy event planned later this month. Follow their Instagram for upcoming details.


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