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Healthy Bites

These Healthy Bites by Soopa Pets are exactly that! Delicious and nutritious treats to keep you going during the long evenings.
Coconut is rich in fibre for good digestion and Chia Seeds are an excellent source of Omega 3.
All Soopa Pets treats are 100% plant based.

from £3

Soopa Pets

Since launching in 2013 Soopa’s has generated a buzz thanks to reviews, magazine write ups, blogs, facebook and twitter. Soopa has featured on ITV This Morning show and won PPRA ‘Best Pet Product’ 2014. Our customers and retailers are our real brand ambassadors because they know we’re passionate about helping dogs feel super good. Made with 100% natural human grade superfood ingredients. Bursting with goodness, low calorie, hypoallergenic and with a natural taste dog’s love. So good you’ll be tempted to paw them for yourself!

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