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Paw Wash

You might just get away with not needing a bath after your muddy walk but nobody wants to see those paw prints on the sofa.
This Paw Wash by Snooboos is gentle enough to be used daily on muddy paws and helps get rid of any nasty germs you may have picked up on your feet.
Snooboos products have no palm oil, parabens or perfume.

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In their commitment to keeping our home as chemical free as possible Snooboos wanted to extend their values to our precious family pets.

Inspired by Toy Poodle Boo, and a love of nature, Snooboos have created a range of natural organic pet care.

Using the finest quality natural ingredients and a unique blend of organic essential oils Snooboos have created a collection of luxury products for you to enjoy with your pets.

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