Christmas Stocking

Okay so this one is slightly off theme but these wonderful Christmas Stockings are only available until 1st December so we had to let you know about them ASAP!

We love Scrappy and Co soap bars and each stocking contains a giant bar and holder along with a host of extra goodies including Beautiful Joes Treats, Pate Crackers and a cow’s ear. All beautifully presented in a hessian stocking.

Archie thinks all his pals deserve one of these this Christmas (and him too)!


Scrappy & Co

Stuck with a stinky, dirty dog?

Well it's time to get clean!

My name’s Scrap and I 'm taking a stand against all the cr@p in dog shampoos! After 10 years spent grooming doggies my huMum had a fair idea of what kind of shampoo she wanted to create. And so she started working on formulas for three different doggy dilemmas:

Sensitive Dog - with Coconut and Oatmeal
Itchy Dog - with Lavender and Neem
Dirty Dog - with Teatree and Mint



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