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Grooming Brush

However you spend your bank holiday, make sure you always look your absolute best!
The Pet Teezer brush keeps your fur smooth and clean and is also kind to your humans as its design reduces wrist strain and it is also super easy to clean.
Using patented two-tier teeth technology, the longer teeth gently remove dirt, reaching confidently down to the undercoat, the shorter teeth pick up loose hair.


Pet Teezer

PET TEEZER was born out of the love for our detangling hairbrush, Tangle Teezer. Launched in 2007, it soon became

a must-have as a hairbrush that effortlessly detangled with no pulling or tugging. Hair was left looking and feeling

beautiful with a healthy shine. Today, we’re a global hairbrush brand that has won numerous awards and followers.

We like to say, we don’t sell hairbrushes, we sell fabulous hair.

Pet a Pawter.jpg


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