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If you want the colours in your phot to really 'pop' you will need a collar from Nzuri Sana.
The Mkuki collar is made from free-grazing beef leather with a soft goat skin lining and finished with hand-sewn ceramic beads.
Pure luxury!


Nzuri Sana Dogs

SUPA! JAMBO! Hello & Welcome!

Nzuri Sana- Meaning "Very Handsome" or "Very Beautful" was started by me, Sophie and my pup, Winston.
A few months ago, I purchased a beautiful African Beaded collar for Winston which he receives compliments for often! The idea came to mind to source these collars myself and sell them from the UK as I have not come across many other sellers here. I have been fortunate to visit Africa a number of times and have grown to love it's beautiful landscapes, the animals and diverse cultures.
We are proud to give back to the beautiful Masaai women who create our collars and are grateful to be able to share their craft with you.

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