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Day Mattress

If you are lucky enough to be going away this weekend then travel in style with this Sheepskin bed by Milo + Pi.
It's easy to carry and makes for a really luxurious snooze. Why should the humans be the only ones to enjoy a fancy hotel bed?
It even has a hand-stitched leather travel roll harness for easy carrying (sold separately).

Use code ARCHIELOVES10 for 10% off.


Milo & Pi

Milo & Pi have embarked on a journey to source beautiful, sustainable products that are as good for your dog and home as they are for the environment.

They’ve found some amazing craftsmen and suppliers along the way, who have pride in the products they produce. They have harnessed the potential of our natural environment and have design and sustainability at their core.

We hope you love their dog beds as much as Pi and Archie love theirs

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