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Sea's The Day

Dogs love the beach and if, like us, you're not lucky enough to live near one you can carry a bit of beach with you instead.
Our friend Teddy lives in sunny Spain and has collected treasures from his walks on the beach and captured them in these beautiful frames which can be clipped to your dog's collar.


It's Teddy Bear The Dog

One might ask how does a pupper go from street pup to CEO?

Now that is a great question and the answer starts with two lovable humans, Marty & Liam, who rescued me in September 2019.

Marty is a photographer & acts as my own personal paparazzi. I mean the woman pops up everywhere, even when I'm in the bath. She has no shame!!

Liam is a business man & modelling coach. He is always on hand with treats & makes sure we get the best images at every shoot. I of course have to approve all final images.

Pet a Pawter.jpg


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