Sweet Orange

Look great and stay tick free with these beaded collars by Harbour Hounds.

The EM ceramic beads feature Effective Micro-organisms, good bacteria that increase your dog’s natural immune resistance. Effective Micro-organisms work quite differently to antibiotics and chemical agents - expelling rather than killing germs and bugs - providing a natural alternative tick repellent.

from £10

Harbour Hounds

Just put yourself on a beach, on a beautiful warm summer’s day or a crisp autumn day. Feel the sand between your toes, hear the waves rolling in, see the beauty of the coastline. What more could you ask for? Your beloved four-legged friend, of course. My combined love of the beach and dogs has been the inspiration behind Harbour Hounds. Flicka was my first dog, a beautiful flatcoated retriever, whose absolute favourite place in the world was the beach…with a ball, naturally. Many a day was spent on our local beaches, with water-loving Flicka running into the sea and refusing to come out when it was time to go home.

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