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Story Book

This book is the first of an upcoming series all about the adventures my good friend Bert. Having spent some time as a resident of the Mayhew rescue centre, Bert now lives the good life with his wonderful humans and his book is written and illustrated by them.

Bert Smells is the perfect gift for children who love dogs but we think you’ll agree its perfect for dog lovers of any age!


Bert Smells

Bert is a dog who lives on a farm. But Bert’s thing is smelling. Bert smells things and Bert smells of things and it gets him into trouble. The farm gate is open and Bert follows his nose and gets lost. But Bert smells and no-one will help him. Until someone lends him a paw... Meet Bert in this heart-warming tale which shows how you can be lost or different, and someone will always love you. This is an Amazon print-on-demand publication for children of ages 4 - 6

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