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The Bar / The Oil

Washing your pup is another thing to get them used to as soon as possible and these 100% natural products by Aureum Vitae are great for puppies.
The cocoa and Shea butter are gentle on your pup's skin and the essential oils provide natural protection against parasites.


Aureum Vitae

About us?...That's a bit of a stretch. But since this endeavour would have never began if it wasn't for Wolf, claiming it to be a joint venture might not be all that misleading.

I had a vision of a pet shampoo so good it would be more at place on a bathroom sink than in a cupboard's dusty shelves.

Nothing has come easy. From the custom made formulations and the search for the ideal UK based manufacturer, to realising the necessity of social media platforms.

The only thing that keeps me going, apart from being childishly stubborn, is the privilege of guiding you through mud and grey.

Thank you for making us a part of your lives.
Chris and Wolf

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